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Jual Ruang Kantor

Sewa Ruang Meeting / Ruang Training di Thamrin Untuk 15 Orang @ 595 Ribu/Hari Full Wi-Fi

Bizxpress Sabang (Home/Office/Ruko)Bizxpress Sabang (Home/Office/Ruko)Bizxpress Sabang (Home/Office/Ruko)Bizxpress Sabang (Home/Office/Ruko)Bizxpress Sabang (Home/Office/Ruko)Bizxpress Sabang (Home/Office/Ruko)

  • Office Building Name: Bizxpress Sabang (Home/Office/Ruko)
  • Location: Jl. H. Agus Salim no. 50, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat (50 meter from Sarinah Tower)
  • Floor/View: Two floors (2 lantai)
  • Size: 15 m2 m2
  • Condition: VERY POPULAR FOR TRAINING FACILITIES and SMALL GROUP MEETING Two-storey Home Office with complete Business Service (printing, fotocopy, ticketing, shipping) and Virtual Office on the 1st floor and Office space/Meeting room on the 2nd floor. Located at the heart of Thamrin (Jakarta Pusat) behind Djakarta Theatre, it is surrounded by various multinational companies (SmartFren, Sinarmas, etc), large banks (BCA, Danamon, OCBC, UOB, etc), insurance companies (AceLife, Prudential), government institutions (BPN, Garuda Indonesia, etc), large hospitals, malls (Sarinah) and private schools (Canisius College, Theresia, etc). This makes our location very suitable for business and offices
  • Facility: Projector + White Screen, Wi-Fi 3 Mbps, 24-hour security CCTV, desks are provided (meja kerja dan kursi disediakan), free electricity and water (PAM), full Air Conditioner.
  • Additional Info: Meeting and training room AVAILABLE on weekend, sundays, and public holiday unless stated otherwise
  • Rent Charge: Rp 595.000/hari (Senin s/d Sabtu), Rp 650.000/hari (Minggu), Projector + White Screen available upon additional charge
  • Contact Number: Office (Mulyanah) : 0859 2129 7616/ 021 3983 0570 ext 0 / 021 3192 4326 ext 0, Grace : 0878 7756 7177
  • E-mail:,
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